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Our approach to dental care

At Legacy Hill Dentistry, we know that no two patients have the same needs. Oral health can vary due to age, medical conditions, home care practices and other contributing factors. We attempt to treat each patient with a plan that fits his or her needs and is consistent with the wants and wellness goals of the patient. We try to view each patient as an individual- to assess all the factors that may be influencing the current state of the patient’s health. To this end, an initial visit might be an exam with diagnostic testing and x-rays, or it could be an emergency visit where dental treatment is provided immediately. Ideally, after the initial visit, a plan is put together by the doctor and the patient in cooperation that addresses the patient’s needs. Sometimes these plans can be very simple, and sometimes these plans can take many months to complete. No patient is exactly the same. The goal is to set a pathway so that both the patient and the providers know what to do next. Communication is very important for the success of any relationship, including that between a healthcare provider and a patient.

We make an effort to prioritize the oral health needs of the patient. There are some conditions that need treatment immediately and some that can be electively treated, with other conditions falling somewhere between these two. At Legacy Hill Dentistry, we make an effort to diagnosis the problem, provide options for treatment, and address the outlook for long-term success. You should be informed as a patient before making any decision that affects your health.

We attempt to be conservative in our treatment. For example, we believe in attempting re-mineralization therapy for incipient (small) areas of decay instead of placing a filling that permanently removes part of a tooth. For those areas where this is not an option, small restorations (fillings) or preventative sealants performed with the aid of an air-abrasion unit are preferred over the more traditional methods. Often this can be done without anesthetic because the removal of deeper, sensitive tooth structure is avoided. We believe in oral hygiene instruction and additional methods of home care before the recommendation of corrective gum surgery is made. Options for alternatives to more invasive procedures are always explored.


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