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Mandibular Advancement Devices

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) are used to treat and prevent snoring. Some may mistakenly call these devices a night guard. On the contrary, they are actually a dental prosthetic that is carefully measured and custom-made for the patient. This device works to prevent snoring by manually moving the jaw forward. By shifting the jaw forward slightly, the airway is opened up. This is so air can move from the lungs to the mouth and back, without the sound of snoring. Patients may seek this kind of treatment when their snoring has become severe and is interfering with sleep and the sleep of a loved one!

Who Can Benefit from MADs?

  • Patients who snore and do not have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) features.
  • Patients with mild/moderate OSA who cannot use a CPAP machine.
  • Patients with severe OSA who failed CPAP therapy.
  • Patients with a large tongue that obstructs airflow.
  • Patients with a poorly positioned hyoid bone.
  • Patients with OSA who have a short mandible or maxilla, and reduced facial height.
  • Patients with a large-sized uvula.
  • Patients with a large soft palate that extends down and toward the throat.Mandibular Advancement Devices - Smyrna TN - Legacy Hill Dentistry

Mandibular Advancement Devices are used to treat snoring, as well as sleep apnea when applicable. However, it must only be done through a licensed dentist. Mouth guards from the drug store will do nothing for your snoring or your sleep apnea. These are medical and dental issues that need to be addressed by a professional. So, you should contact your dentist if you think a Mandibular Advancement Device is right for you.

Legacy Hill’s Specialty Dentistry

As part of our specialty dentistry, Legacy Hill Dentistry fits patients for prosthetics to treat varying dental issues. These range from annoying to painful and in between. Mandibular Advancement Devices are fitted to each patient specifically. The dentist will make a perfectly-fitting prosthetic based from bite impressions from your initial visit. Your MAD should fit securely and allow you to sleep without any issues. At Legacy Hill, our #1 goal is customer dental health and satisfaction. So, if you aren’t happy with your device – we want to know! These devices will only work when you wear them, and we know you won’t wear it unless it’s right.

Consider calling Legacy Hill Dentistry before making major decisions regarding your dental health. Specialty Dentistry is often a headache because a lot of it is trial and error. Before seeing a dentist about your snoring, you should make sure other factors aren’t causing it. it isn’t caused by other factors. Consulting your primary care physician can save you time and money -and find the answers you need. Unsure about proceeding with an MAD, but would like to discuss it? One of our associates is waiting to hear from you! Call Legacy Hill Dentistry 615-459-8050.

Preventing Gingivitis

Stages of Gingivitis Image - Smyrna TN - Legacy Hill DentistryGingivitis, or gum disease, is preventable in most cases. It’s easier to prevent than it is to treat. If you do end up with gingivitis it’s unpleasant and can lead to other issues, so prevention is important. The best way to prevent gingivitis along with a host of other oral health problems is to practice good oral hygiene and schedule routine appointments with your dentist.

Tooth Brushing

Brushing is the best way to remove plaque and acids from the surfaces of your teeth. You should brush your teeth twice daily, and once daily at the very minimum. When brushing your teeth, keep in mind: use a soft bristle brush that fits properly and brush all the surfaces of the teeth, then the tongue. This decreases the levels of bacteria in your mouth, decreasing your risk of gingivitis. Remember to change your brush every 1-3 months, and always choose a soft bristle brush to prevent abrasions on your gums.


Brushing cleans the accessible surfaces of the teeth, while flossing cleans between the teeth. You should floss once weekly, and although it’s been difficult in the past, there are now many options for floss. There is the standard roll of floss that you might have gotten from your dentist at your last check-up, and there are also individual, disposable flossers on the market that make flossing quick and easy.


There are so many brands and kinds of toothpastes that they take up nearly an entire aisle at the super market. You can choose and benefit from almost all of them, but you should steer clear of abrasive toothpastes if you have gum problems, especially if your gums are receding. If you already have gum problems, you can choose tooth paste for sensitive teeth than can help.

Mouth Wash

Mouth wash is another tool you can use against plaque and acids in the mouth to decrease the risk of infection and gum disease. You can choose a mouth wash product that is antimicrobial which means it’s designed specifically to prevent gingivitis.

Diet and Nutrition

A healthy diet and lifestyle is important in preventing gingivitis along with a host of other infections. A healthy body means a healthy mouth. You can avoid heavy snacking in between meals to help to prevent gingivitis, and what’s even more effective is rinsing the mouth with water after meals and snacks.

Avoid Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco

Smoking is one of the main risk factors for periodontal (gum) disease. If you’re able to quit, you’ll be taking the first and most important step to healing and preserving your gums. Healthy gums mean a healthy mouth because your gums actually protect your teeth.

Routine Dental Visits

If you don’t have a regular dentist to care for your teeth, you should find one right away. Your dentist knows your smile better than everyone except you, and will schedule visits and treatments according to your specific need. At Legacy Hill Dentistry we take pride in maintaining the same patients for years and put their care above all else. We want to restore your smile, and part of that is routine care. We are proud to offer many payment options to help all of our patients get the care they need to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Call Legacy Dental Care at 615-459-8050 and find out what our dentists can do for you.

Choosing the Right Toothbrush

Picking the Right Toothbrush Image - Smyrna TN - Legacy Hill DentistryThe Best Fit

Sometimes it seems like we like things big in America—big trucks, big meals, big wheels. When it comes to toothbrushes bigger isn’t always better. In fact, if you have a small mouth, a big toothbrush can damage your gums and scrape your teeth, not to mention make it difficult to reach the teeth at the best angles. Toothbrushes come in all sizes, and the best way to find the right one for you is trial and error. Just make sure you’re looking at the ADA Seal of Acceptance.


Your tooth brush can serve multiple functions. The most basic toothbrush includes just the handle and the bristles, however many brands and designs also have a tongue scraper on the back of the toothbrush. Some dentists and orthodontists might recommend a special toothbrush that has a tuft of bristles instead of brush. This is designed for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. The tuft of bristles reaches into hard to reach spaces that a basic toothbrush doesn’t.

Soft or Hard Bristles?

Many individuals assume that hard bristles are the best choice for a good brushing, however the tougher the bristles, the harder they are on the gums. Brushing too vigorously or using a brush that is too firm can cause damage to the gums that can lead to infection and gum disease. The best option is a soft bristle brush and a consistent technique.

Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes

It’s estimated that 4.7 million plastic toothbrushes are discarded worldwide each year. This pollution has led to the creation of various eco-friendly toothbrushes. Some brands aren’t brushes at all, but pieces of root that’s to be chewed (much like pet “toothbrushes”). These are neither recommended nor proven to be safe or beneficial. It’s best to use a standard plastic brush with nylon bristles.

Manual or Electric

While there is currently no powered toothbrush that has the ADA Seal of Approval, the American Dental Association says on that “both types of toothbrush can effectively and thoroughly clean your teeth. It all depends on which one you prefer.” The main thing is to brush twice daily. Many who find manual toothbrushes difficult to use effectively would benefit from a powered toothbrush. There are even great options for children. They need only a little instruction so they don’t brush their teeth too vigorously.

Most dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every three months. The American Dental Association makes that recommendation and even offers an ADA Seal Shopping List to help you with the decision process. It also helps to get recommendations from your dental professional. No one knows your teeth like your dentist.

Take Care of Your Teeth: Prevention is Better than Correction

Something we have drummed into our heads as children is that we only get one set of teeth. Once those permanent teeth fall out, there are no replacements. If not taken care of properly, small problems can lead to significant ones, often leading to extractions or other painful procedures. As with many other areas of our bodies, prevention is better than correction.

Preventative Tooth Care - Smyrna TN - Legacy Hill Dentistry

Periodontal problems are some of the most common issues dentists see in their patients. For some reason, the simple act of flossing is often forgotten when it comes to daily dental hygiene. Unfortunately, forgetting this can lead to serious gum problems that can further lead to dangerous and extreme health problems.

Brushing teeth is also considered a preventative measure. Again, this is unfortunately something most people do not do properly. Instead of an up and down motion that serves to both massage the gums and remove bacteria and residue away from the gum line and teeth, most people go back and forth, missing most of the tooth surface.

Mouth guards are something else to consider. Grinding teeth is a condition individuals fall victim to, in many cases due to extreme stress. They go to bed at night and they wake up with a sore jaw, having no idea why. If allowed to continue, not only can it lead to dental problems, but the most severe of cases can lead to hearing loss.

In order to avoid health problems associated with oral care, simply practice good oral hygiene habits and visit your dentist twice a year. If you notice problems prior to a regularly scheduled checkup, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. Remember, when it comes to dental care, prevention is better and often much less costly and painful than correction.