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Specialty Dental is for those Annoying & Sometime Painful Issues

If you have ever tried to sleep in the same room with someone who is snoring like a freight train, then you know what it means to be annoyed.  But as much as it might annoy you, it might be downright dangerous to the snorer.

Or maybe you’ve been plagued by neck or shoulder pain, headaches or migraines or just plain old pain in the jaw. That could be an indication of temporomandibular joint issues, also known as TMJ.

Either of these issues can be helped by using some very resourceful and effective dental appliances. Don’t be afraid of talking to us about what’s going on. What you might believe is a medical issue could actually be a dental problem that can be solved or at least get you some much needed relief.


When you learn more about us, we’re confident that you’ll feel confident in our care! At Legacy Hill Dentistry in Smyrna, TN, we are ready to help.