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Natural Fillings with Tooth Colored Fillings

Natural Fillings made to match your teeth enamelSilver amalgam fillings are very strong and do a fine job of filling cavities, but, unfortunately, most people don’t like the look of a mouth full of sliver. Thanks to ever-advancing dental technology, tooth colored fillings are a safe and effective way to fill new cavities and replace old amalgam fillings.

Tooth colored fillings are made of durable composite resin, a moldable plastic material that bonds to the tooth. (They can also be made of porcelain or microscopic glass that is placed in an acrylic base.) Your cavity is filled with this resin and then the tooth is sealed using a dental sealant. The result is a natural looking filling that is virtually invisible when you laugh or smile.

Benefits of tooth colored fillings

While tooth colored fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings, there are many benefits to using them, including:

  • Natural appearance that blends in with other teeth
  • Bonds well to the tooth
  • No mercury or dangerous chemicals

Tooth colored fillings do require more delicate work when being placed in the tooth, resulting in a bit longer procedure than is required with amalgam fillings. Some patients also experience some sensitivity to hot and cold foods and pain for a few days after treatment.

Replacing amalgam fillings

Because of concerns about the mercury content in silver amalgam filings, many patients are having their old fillings replaced with tooth colored fillings. Mercury (a toxic chemical) is thought to enter and leave the body through amalgam fillings and many medical professionals believe it can cause physical and psychological problems.

If you are concerned about the look or safety of silver fillings in your teeth, tooth colored fillings may help you gain more confidence in your appearance and ease your mind. We’d be happy to consult with you to see if tooth colored fillings are right for you.


With consistent preventative care, you can keep dental procedures to a minimum. But, to calm your nerves while you are in one of our dental chairs, we can provide you with nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, in a closely monitored setting. It’s all part of our complete general dentistry services at Legacy Hill in Smyrna, TN.