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Partials can improve your smile and help regain confidence.

Partials Give You Choices

Losing even one tooth can have a dramatic impact on how you look and feel. Fortunately, we can easily restore your vitality and your smile with partials. A partial denture is a removable dental appliance that rests on a metal framework and attaches to your natural teeth with clasps.

How partials work

Partial dentures can be removable or fixed. A removable partial denture usually consists of a few teeth connected by a lightweight, flesh-colored plastic base on a metal framework. Partial dentures can be used when there are natural teeth remaining in the jaw. A fixed partial is a permanent structure in the mouth, replacing one or more teeth by attaching to crowns placed on either side of the space. A partial denture not only replaces missing teeth, but also prevents other teeth from shifting into the vacant space. Partials can be made with internal attachments so they are very natural looking.

Acrylic partials

Acrylic partials are natural looking and you can choose from one of several shades. They are very affordable in price, but they tend to feel more bulky to wear.

Cast metal partials

Cast metal partials are made from strong and sturdy material, but they are still lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can select from many available shapes, sizes and colors.

Taking care of partials

Like your natural teeth, a partial must be cleaned as part of your daily routine. Be sure to handle your partial carefully and brush the denture each day to clean off food particles and plaque. We recommend using any denture cleaner that has earned the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance.

At night, you should place your dentures in water or a mild soaking solution. (Never soak them in hot water.) Dentures can lose their shape if they are not kept moist. After we determine what type of appliance you need, we will give you specific instructions on how to clean and care for your partial.

Partial dentures are an affordable way to improve your appearance and help you gain confidence and self-esteem. Talk to us today to see if partial dentures are right for you.


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