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Early detection of oral cancer is important.

Do Not Overlook Oral Cancer Screening (Identafi)

When it comes to oral cancer, early detection can make the difference between life and death. Oral cancer can strike anyone at any time, regardless of whether or not they use tobacco. When oral cancer is found in an early stage, the treatments can be quick, simple and very successful.

Modern dentists are lucky to have safe and painless diagnostic tools to help identify cancerous and precancerous lesions. Here at Legacy Hill Dentistry, we use the latest in oral cancer screening technology, known at Identafi.

How Does Identafi Screen For Oral Cancer?

Identafi uses 3 separate lights (white, violet and amber) to indicate abnormalities within oral tissue. During the process, abnormal or unhealthy tissue will appear darker. Unlike other screening systems, Identafi’s Multi-Spectral process gives us a great deal of visual information, and allows us to make much more educated and confident recommendations for next steps.

Self exam for oral cancer

In addition to regular screenings by your dental professional, you should always be vigilant about changes in your mouth that could be warning signs of oral cancer. Seek medical advice immediately if you notice anything abnormal such as:

  • Mouth sores or lesions (especially lingering more than 2 weeks)
  • Lumps or thickening in the cheeks
  • Red or white patches on the tongue, tonsil, gums or mouth lining

If you have any concerns, please contact our office to schedule an oral cancer screening.


Catching the early warning signs of oral cancers is another good reason to be consistent with your dental preventative care and Legacy Hill is committed to helping you do just that with the complete general dentistry services they provide.