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Nitrous oxide can relieve stress of patients worried about dental visits.We Provide Nitrous Oxide / Laughing Gas

Many people feel anxiety about having dental work and, if you are one of them, we offer nitrous oxide sedation to help you feel more at ease.

Nitrous oxide, commonly called “laughing gas,” is a mild sedative used to help alleviate the fear and anxiety some people have during a visit to the dentist. Inhaling nitrous oxide is an excellent sedation alternative for people who fear needles.

With nitrous oxide, you may feel lightheaded and have a mild tingling feeling, making you pleasantly relaxed. You might feel some numbness in your limbs or they might feel heavy. Sometimes, you experience changes in the way you hear sounds. Your breathing and heartbeat should stay normal.

The mixture, containing 50-70 percent oxygen and about 30 percent nitrous oxide gas, is inhaled through a small mask. We will ask you to breath through your nose, and you should start feeling the effects of the gas within a few minutes.

Benefits of nitrous oxide

Patients who use nitrous oxide are aware of their surroundings at all times, but are much more relaxed and calm throughout their procedure. You will be able to talk and respond to any questions your dentist might need to ask. There are many benefits to using nitrous oxide as a sedative including:

  • Works very quickly, calming nerves within 3 minutes
  • Amount administered can be adjusted at any time
  • Dentist maintains control of the drug at all times, making overdose nearly impossible
  • Safe for people with health conditions
  • Wears off quickly, giving you the ability to drive home without assistance
  • Smells sweet, is non-irritating and colorless

Our ultimate goal is for you to feel comfortable during your dental procedures. Talk to us about whether nitrous oxide sedation is a good option for you.


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