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Whitening teeth can give a better smile and heightened self confidence.

Whitening Teeth is One of Our Most Requested Procedures

It’s no secret that having white teeth is important these days in our visual world. We believe that is why teeth whitening is one of our most requested procedures. Because it is simple and topical, applied directly to the surface of the teeth, there is no pain associated with the procedure.

There are times when people refer to this process as “bleaching” teeth and it really is a great way to enhance one’s smile by getting rid of stains or just improving on the natural whiteness of your teeth.

Whether it’s fair or not, people who present themselves with beautiful teeth are said to create a very good first impression while interviewing for a job, in dating or just networking. We think it’s the confidence one has when they are feeling good about themselves.


What to Expect

On your first visit, we will be taking impressions so we can make custom trays for your teeth. This allows the whitening solution to cover the teeth properly.

On your next visit, we will make sure the trays are properly fitted, making any adjustments for comfort and coverage. We will give you detailed instructions on what to do each day for the next few weeks. You may have additional sensitivity in your teeth during the whitening process and this is normal. Once the procedure has been completed, this sensitivity should go away and your teeth should go back to normal.

You might want to whiten again every several years or more often if you drink staining beverages or use tobacco. However, we encourage you to check with us first so we can make sure your teeth are healthy and in good condition before another procedure. Also, nothing will ever take the place of proper dental and preventative home care including visiting your dentist every six months for a deep cleaning.

Why Whiten Teeth

  • Excessive fluoride, known as fluoridation, during tooth development has affected the color of your teeth
  • Stained teeth due to coffee, tea or medications
  • Yellowed or brown teeth due to tobacco
  • Time has worn down the outer layer of your teeth

Tooth whitening is a wonderful and inexpensive way to brighten a smile and improve the way you look. We also know that many choose to do off-the-shelf whitening, which can be fine. However, please note that if you have fillings, crowns or dentures, they may not match the changes made by whitening products. So if you are thinking about having artificial teeth of any kind, you may want to whiten first so they will match the natural teeth.


If you need some teeth-straightening help. you definitely need to ask us about the availability of Invisalign. Find out if this is the cosmetic dentistry solution for you.