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Coffee & Teeth - Smyrna TN - Legacy Hill DentistryWhen it comes to your teeth, it is the dentist’s job to preserve them. We do this a variety of ways, and oftentimes, it’s an ongoing job! Many times, individuals don’t think much about how food and drink will affect their smile, but it’s our job to tell you. The dental professionals know your habits by looking in your mouth, and they have more of an impact than you think.

Increased Alcohol Consumption

Individuals suffering from alcoholism have a higher rate of plaque buildup and risk of permanent tooth loss. Alcoholism is a serious problem and should be addressed. Someone consuming large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis may neglect dental visits and oral hygiene. This will have a long-term affect on oral health. Heavy drinkers are not the only people who risk their teeth, however. Occasional drinkers and those who just drink one drink per day are also affecting their teeth.

The sugar content in many alcoholic beverages is often overlooked when patients are consuming alcohol. Many times people finish the day with a drink, and those who don’t brush teeth before bed will be affected by all this sugar. It turns to acid, plaque, and eventually tooth decay.

Consuming alcohol also leads to dehydration, which decreases saliva production, stopping the natural cleanser that would help clean your teeth.

Finally, drinking certain alcoholic beverages can stain teeth overtime. For instance, red wines drank every night can lead to a tint change in your smile.

Daily Coffee Consumption

Many dental patients, even those who take good care of their teeth, can be affected by stains from coffee and tea consumption. Coffee is acidic and a dark color (even if you enjoy a less strong variety). Over time coffee will stain your teeth. Your tooth enamel is filled with microscopic pits and ridges that can be filled with coffee molecules. Even coffee that has been lightened by creamer is dark at the molecular level, and will have the same affect on your teeth. Coffee with creamer may be worse for your teeth because of the sugar content! The best way to prevent coffee from affecting your smile is to abstain from drinking it. If you can’t stop, consider drinking only in the morning or at a specific break time. Sipping on coffee throughout the day is hard on your oral health. It’s better for your body and your teeth if you instead sip on water throughout the day.

Other Foods and Drinks that Affect Your Smile

Coffee and alcoholic beverages are definitely not the only culprits affecting teeth. Too much citrus can erode enamel, soda reaches even the furthest parts of your teeth and gums with acid and sugar, and sticky candies and foods can stay on your teeth for hours, attacking your enamel.

What you put into your mouth matters more than to your waist line. Consider what you may do to your teeth with the things you eat and drink this winter. Swap out your soda for water or fizzy water drinks. Try your coffee without creamer. Save money and consume less specialty coffee drinks. You can save your smile this winter.

If your smile is stained and you want to start fresh, we can help you with teeth whitening services. Call Legacy Hill Dentistry today at 615-459-8050.